Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"OLD" art to post

Well, since I'm a bit "blank" at the moment, I am going to post a piece of art that I created a couple years ago, for an exhibition that was held at the Washington Museum in Kansas (I think I am remembering that right...). It was by invitation, and was a punch-card exhibit. You remember the old punch cards that we used to use when we first began doing computer stuff? You had to punch holes in the cards in order to run your program?

Well, these became obsolete, obviously, and this institution found a huge box of these old, unused punch cards, and they sent out a call for artists to participate in creating something with these cards. You had to send an SASE and they sent two punch cards for you to create your art with. Your piece had to fit into a standard #10 envelope. Anyway, here is the inside and outside of the piece I created, which I called ABCXYZ ROYGBV (the second set of letters being the colors in a rainbow - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet). I created a sort of mini-book, with a corded and beaded binding.

Hope you like it! I'd love to hear comments about this piece. I loved making it, for sure!

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