Thursday, March 26, 2009

Whirlwind week...

Yes, I know it's not really the end of the week yet; but my last day each week at work is Thursday, so it FEELS like Friday to me, even when I bring work home, like I had to today...gotta finish some invitations for a dinner to be held in late April - for the "Senior Saints." Ended up using a collage of graphics, since the program is to be connected to a slideshow of vintage postcards from Steuben County - the county I live in at present - a very interesting county with much history and plenty of pretty places to observe the world.

I really wanted to print the invites in color, on one side of an ivory-color paper, but my printer decided to be ornery (actually somehow the file bogged it down; I hadn't really thought it was such a big graphic file, but it took forever just to get it to print in grayscale) so the grayscale original ended up being used as the original on the copier. The finished product, in black on ivory, actually looks pretty sweet. I used Garamond italic for the font throughout; I love that italic.

More later. Maybe I can scan a copy of the front and post it...I'll see!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

An AWESOME surprise came in my mail today!

Someone - someone special in "my" art world - was thinking of me. In today's snail mail, I received a #10 envelope - with a cool and subtle print of candles on it - full of oriental ephemera! Little money envelopes, a skeleton leaf in a gorgeous shade of red, a decorative napkin, little rectangles of cardstock, a blank postcard of "Amitayus" - "Photo courtesy Surendra's Tibetan Thanka Treasure," a couple pieces of 6x6 scrapbook paper...WOW.

Here is a pic of most of the lot...

I haven't the faintest idea who sent this...the handwriting on the envelope looks a little familiar, but not really. I can't read the postmark, and there is no return address or information inside!! So - whoever my art angel is - I just have to send out "THANKS" into the universe - and cyberspace - and hope they know how much this brightened up my weekend!

Now to make some art with these cool things, and pass on the "favor!"

RAKs - Random Acts of Kindness - are wonderful - but I wish I had someone I could thank!

Artists ROCK!!