Friday, May 1, 2009

Doing some writing, interviewing, and of course, ART

How has it become May FIRST??

April zoomed by; the heatwave we had here has made the trees put out their flowers and many have already begun sending out their leaves. It's beginning to look more like early June instead of the first of May.

Wild turkey season began today; Steuben County (NY) sees plenty of turkey hunters out and about. For me, the most thrilling thing about being out in the woods right now is seeing the wildflowers. Trillium is a special favorite, and I've always loved the taste of wild leeks (with the warm weather, though, they might be very hard to still find!).

Last week I met with a local author - Linda M. Holbrook of Canisteo, NY. She has just self-published her first fictional novel based on her own life experiences. "You Wanna Go To Willard?" is proving to be an engrossing tale. She published it through BookSurge, a division of The Friends of the Hornell Public Library (newly-re-formed group in support of Hornell's public library) will be hosting her at an author's reading and book-signing on Thursday, May 28th from 7-8:30 p.m.

Gotta run to the chiropractor so will try to get more posting done - with some new pictures - later!!

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